Psychic Erolina provides the following services:

> One-on-One Readings

> Private Parties

> Bachelorette Parties

?> Bar/Bat Mitzvahs

> Girls Night Out Gathering

> Birthday Parties

> Corporate Events

> Halloween Celebration

Four Things That Impact Psychic Readings
1) You’re being read when your mind is on someone else and the psychic is picking up the energies of the person you are thinking about, not on you and your energy.

2) You have forgotten an incident that happened in your past. It might have been an event that took place only once or so long ago and so you dismissed it or forgot about it, but it has impacted your life.

3) We all have things that are hidden from our view. Others see it very clearly, but we don’t and when someone brings it to our attention, we think the comment does not apply to us.

4) The readings applies to your past life or a future event that has not yet occurred.

For these reasons, it is recommended you tape your psychic readings, you share your readings with friends and family that might be able to fill in the gaps in your knowledge or memories.